Window Graphics and Vinyl Lettering

Dublin’s leading designer and manufacturer of window graphics for shops, offices and showrooms as well as organisations and individuals in the greater Dublin area.

We like to take a photograph of the window and super impose the new poster onto the photo so our client can see exactly what the finished window sign will look like.


Large Format Window Poster

Client: MSL

Very large window poster applied to the inside of the window. Easy to install and easy to remove after the promotion. In this case it is applied to the outside of the glass.

Vinyl Window Graphic

Client: Volkswagen

Large vinyl poster printed on long lasting vinyl and sun resistant oil based inks for extra long life.



Reverse Vinyl Window Graphic

Client: Mercedes

Large vinyl poster applied to the inside of the glass.

Full window graphic

Client: Various

If you need to get a strong message out there to your passing traffic or need to block off a window from passers by. A vinyl window graphic can be a great way to do this at a very reasonable price. We can design the right image for any window.



Personalised window graphic

Client: Ballsbridge Motors

We will work with you to come up with a concept to help you sell your product or service. In this case we put a 1980 hot hatch into one window to promote the new Volkswagen hot hatch!

Full window graphic

Client: Gerard

Full Window graphic detailing your brand. A vinyl window graphic announcing opening soon. We can design the right image for any window. Design, Print and install by OGX Graphics.

full window graphic

Raised letters

Client: Eagle Alpha

Acrylic sign with raised letters