Office and Factory Signs

Dublin’s leading designer and manufacturer of office and factory signs for companies in the greater Dublin area. We design and make reception signs, interior signs and exterior signs, safety signs and safety stickers, 3d lettering / cut out lettering, exhibition signs, company signs, copper plaques and brushed steel plaques, wall signs and many other signs.

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Company Wall Sign

Client: Realex

10mm perspex company wall sign with brushed steel studs, sand blast vinyl and full color logo for Realex. Design, output and installed by OGX Graphics.

Factory/Storage Company Sign

Client: Rentastore

We designed the logo and then designed the very large sign on diabond material with vinyl lettering


acrylic sign

Acrylic Plaque

Acrylic sign with stand off fixings.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Showroom hanging sign

Client: MSL

Light weight hanging sign. Ideal for high ceiling showrooms and shops. Can be hung with wire, chain or nylon invisible string.



Silent Salesman

Client: Various

We can provide these Silent Salesmen in a number of styles. Ideal for a car showroom or display area in a shop.

Signage on rolling shutters

Client: Various

We can design and install any message or design onto standard roller shutters. A great way to get your sales message across even when you are closed.



Vinyl lettering in Showroom

Client: Various

To give any product a permanent personal touch why not let us design and install vinyl for any short term display or long term display. A very cost effective way to finish any product offering.

Vinyl posters on Pylon

Client: Various

Personalise a pylon with vinyl images. It is an ideal way to use the space available to promote a product or service or simply give directions to your company.



Restaurant sign on studs

Client: Citywest Hotel Hibernian Bistro

Mockup, design, output and installation of this clear perspex sign that allows the brick work to be seen whilst still offering a very strong classy sign. The perspex sign is lifted off the wall with chrome studs.

Metal parking sign

Client: Various

A solid metal sign that can display any message. This is a permanent sign for long term use.



Hanging perspex sign

Client: Citywest Hotel

A quality hanging perspex sign that helps the sign fit in with the elegant surroundings. The sign is held up with black chain.

Diabond wall sign

Client: Various

An economical way to have a permanent sign at a great price. The signs are easy to install and can be interchangeable. They are printed onto diabond (metal) using oil based long live inks.



Diabond wall mounted signs

Client: Astronomy Ireland

Output and installation of flat diabond signs.

Feather Flags for showrooms and shops

Client: Various

These feather flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes from 3m to 6m in height. They are available with a number of different base options from a free standing weight option to a base that goes under a car wheel. The print is single sided and is available in full colour.



External Company Sign

External Company Sign for QBM Dublin.
Designed by OGX Graphics.

Perspex Wall Panels

Wall plaques (perspex with chrome studs) for Daughters of Charity Head Quarters.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.



Triangle Display Sign

Triangle display sign. Great for indoor and outdoor display areas. Easy to install and move. Designed and supplied to Dublin City Council.

Frosted Dots

Frosted Dots for Glass wall.
Obtain visual privacy while admitting light.
Client: AXA. Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

frosted dots

frosted strip

Frosted Strip

Frosted strip for Glass wall which gives visual privacy while admitting light.
Client: Belfius Bank Ballsbridge.
Install by OGX Graphics.

Double Frosted Strips

Double Frosted Strips for Glass wall again enhances visual privacy in the office.
Client: East Point Business Park. Install by OGX Graphics.

double frosted strips

frost and solid

Frost and Solid Combined

Frost and solid combined on glass doors.
Graphically enhance visual privacy in a most attractive way.
Installed by OGX Graphics.

Frosted Strip with Company Logo

Frosted strip incorporating company logo.
Client: Ivernia Insurance. Install by OGX Graphics.

frosting with logo

toblerone sign

Toblerone Sign

Corriboard Pillar sleeves.
Your message can be included on all three sides for greater impact.
Have the same message or a different one on each side.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Door Plaque

Door Plaque incorporating company name and logo.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

door plaque

window graphic and decal

Fascia Panel and Window Decal

Client: John Adams Hairdressing.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Fascia Panel and Window Graphics

Client: Tiger Wash.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

window facia graphics

window decal

Plotted Wall Decal

A breath of fresh HAIR is a plotted wall decal.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Plotted Wall Graphics

The artwork on the wall is a plotted graphic.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

wall graphic

fascia panel

Kitchen Fascia Panel

Enhance your staff rest area with a striking fascia panel.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Full Wall Graphics

Cover the entire wall of your premises with an eye catching graphic.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

full wall

Graphic Panel

Graphic Panel

Full Colour Graphic Panel for your office or premises
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Reception sign

Client: Innalabs
Create an eye-catching welcome sign incorporating your company logo and graphic for your reception area.
Mounted on a diabond panel.
Design, print and install by OGX Graphics.

Reception Sign